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Together We Can Achieve Our Conservation Goals

Our nonprofit coalition has quickly become a resource and a catalyst to protect the watershed while improving the quality of life. The Thompson Chain of Lakes Stewardship Coalition provides leadership within our rural unincorporated community. We are building resources that will contribute to the vitality of this region for years to come.

  • Our group took legal action against elected officials for their approval of a large high density commercial development near 3 of the most sensitive spring fed lakes in the Chain of Lakes. Widescale commmunity opposition to the project is based on concerns of groundwater contamination, (many get their drinking water from the lakes), unmitigable impacts on health of the nearby kettle lakes, public health and safety and the fact that the Thompson Chain of Lakes Neighborhood Plan, and the Maps developed by many stakeholders in the area and signed by the County Commissioners, specifically prohibited commercial RV Parks in that area. Unfortunately, when our negotiation efforts and massive citizen outcry failed, our group took legal action to hold elected decision makers accountable to Montana State Law that requires substantial consideration of a Neighborhood Plan (see plan and the maps in links above or in the downloadable documents below). 


  • We launched a Citizens Action Network to protect the lakes, watershed, and open spaces of the area we love. This network is designed to inform citizens on important bills before the Montana State Legislature. We provide aid and encouragement to write and call legislators and to write letters to the editor and opinion pieces in local newspaper.


  • There is a lack of water quality data to assess the current health of TCL water bodies. We are working to remedy that through our Aquatic Initiative. Now in our 4th year, through a grant from the Whitefish Lake Institute, we train and provide equipment to volunteer “citizen scientists” to regularly monitor and document water temperature, clarity, and invasive species. We have volunteers gathering data on several of the 18 lakes of the Thompson Chain of Lakes. The data our “citizen scientists” gather is uploaded to a statewide scientific database for further review and analysis. The data provides valuable ongoing aquatics information for state and local officials as well as for concerned climate change and environmental groups.


  • Aquifer Study – as we all watch water levels drop accross Montana and the West, our members have volunteered their wells and lakefronts for monitoring by the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology as they conduct an independent hydrological scientific study to determine water recharge, quality, flow systems to understand the aquifers in the area that feed the chain of lakes. This will provide important baseline aquifer data. We hope the results will be available in the next 3-4 years and will provide a map of the aquifers and needed information for the community, property owners and decision makers. We will all better understand the cummulative affects of development on the aquifers we all depend on. 


Building a Sustainable Future for Thompson Chain of Lakes

We are committed to protecting and preserving our beautiful lakes and the surrounding natural ecosystems. We work tirelessly to monitor the quality of the water and keep our lakes clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. Our volunteer citizen scientists are passionate about protecting the precious natural resources that make our area so special. We believe that by working together, we can ensure that our lakes remain healthy and vibrant for generations to come.


Make Your Voice Heard

We are dedicated to preserving and protecting the beautiful landscape of Montana. Our mission is to ensure the longevity of the Thompson Chain of Lakes by collaborating with the community, policymakers, and other stakeholders. We believe that everyone has a voice and a role to play in advocating for environmental preservation. That's why we encourage everyone to join our efforts as we work together to make a real difference.


Defending Our Lakes:
Our Legal Fight

Our efforts to protect the Thompson Chain of Lakes area have not always been met with cooperation from decision makers. When our voices were not listened to, we took legal action. Our lawsuit was filed to ensure that existing land management plans were being followed and that our environment was being protected. We are committed to fighting for the health and safety of the residents in the community and the natural beauty of our area.

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